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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Vickers Fine Art Award

I first saw the Vickers Fine Art Award advertised in an magazine in January 2007. The application consisted of the usual requirements: a CD-ROM, image list, CV, application form and project proposal. I was shortlisted and offered an interview. This consisted of a 15 minute presentation, questions from the panel and an opportunity to show some original artwork. I decided to apply after successfully completing a six-week Arts Council England International Artist's Residency to Riga, Latvia in August - early October 2006, with another artist Michael Blackman (see This had given me the opportunity to escape day-to-day activities and responsibilities and fully focus on my practice over a concentrated period of time. I found this experience invaluable and became very excited about the new body of work I produced - which formed the basis of the proposal for the Vickers Award. I will soon be leaving Portsmouth to embark on this new journey in early September.


Bear said...

Enjoy every minute!!!!!

Natalie Dowse said...

Thank you bear, I will do my best to do so xxx

Anonymous said...

hey are you going to leave your shadow all over Derby ?