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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First residency exhibition dates confirmed

The dates for the first exhibition are Saturday 28th June 2008 to Sunday 24th August 2008 at Gallery 1, Derby Museum and Art Gallery. I met the curator today (Andrea) and took some poor quality pictures on my phone of the space between shows:

This is it - all 44.5 linear metres of it! Better get going...

... well to be fair, I have started my research and have some loose ideas forming which I am very excited about. However, I think I am going to avoid actually posting the work up on this blog until the end of the project. Just trying to encourage people to come to the show! It's nice and easy - Derby's the middle of the country don't you know.

Without wanting to sound too sentimental and saccharine, I am really grateful and very happy that I have this opportunity. I feel that I have waited a long time for a chance like this - and so far it is fantastic. It has given me the time and space to think and breath.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
I think you have settled in. Its so positive. Love the gallerry space.
Just to let yoy know I have a fantastic job. I cannot believe I am back to work and really enjoying it. Great friendly people and loads of variety. Whoopee and I passed the Med.
I am glad that you have settled and can really enjoy the experiance. By the way a man called me 'poppit' today which felt a bit odd.
Best Mike X