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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I have arrived!

On 1st September 2006 I was moving into the Artists’ Union of Latvia building; it was to become home for four weeks. Little did I know that exactly a year later I’d be moving to another new place? I am once again a stranger in a city that needs to be explored. My immediate city centre surroundings are become more familiar to me with each passing day as I recognise the local landmarks, cafes, shops and restaurants. It is a very different experience to being in Latvia. Here there is the familiar amongst the unfamiliar, the high street chain stores easily recognisable – each city and town having the same clothing and window dressing. However, it is their location that is different amongst the unknown street map. A trip to the ‘out of town’ ASDA store illustrates his point. I needed to use my sat-nav to get me there (sad I know), I arrive, the layout of the car park is unfamiliar but the logo, colour scheme and identity is instant and unmistakable. Once inside the store I could have been in any ASDA in the country – roughly the same layout – it was easy! Out to the car park – it is then that I realise that I can’t find my car amongst the fake familiarity. After nonchalantly walking about I find it, once again I use sat-nav to get me home.

This is all very obvious – but I find that being in this situation makes me become a more of an observer. I find myself noticing more through fresh eyes as I work hard to find my way around. Being alone compacts this further.

Derby Evening Telegraph, Wednesday 5th September:

Page 16: Art ‘rebels’ hail success


Victoria Bennett said...

Hey look at us using the bloggyworld to communicate! Just got back from holidays in France after a manic summer of workshops (well, I was doing admin for Adam...) and found your email and then card. Good to see you are settling in and enjoying the strangeness of Derby. When you are ready, come visit up north. Most welcome. I am fat, not making art but most days pretty happy!Will email privately too:-) Good luck - you will be absolutely FINE and it will be a massively rewarding experience - and so say all of us! I have the Art 07 Finals on October 17th in Manchester - fingers crossed...

Natalie said...

Hellooooooo!!!!! Thank you for your good luck wishes and confidence in me. Would love to come up very soon - I should ave me 'proper' internet this week, so will be in touch very soon x

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat
first look at the Derby Blog. Good to see you are settling. Looking forward to the work. I can call you for free at weekends so will.
Best Mikex

Steffie Richards said...

Hi Natalie
Eventually got round to viewing this site - very impressive and pleased also that you now have your studio space at last! Your work has moved on so much since i last came to view it in Portsmouth - Glad to have you here in Derby and looking forward to plentiful discussions and having dinner with you soon - here I might add - my treat!
Speak soon
Steffie x

Natalie said...

Thanks Steffie - I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Dinner sounds like a great idea to me x