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Monday, September 24, 2007

I've been playing

I have settled into my studio and have started experimenting. After a brief conversation today in my studio with the Head of Art & Design a conclusion was reached. It was suggested that perhaps 'experimenting' was too 'scientific' and what we do (or should do) as artists is play. I agree with this - so yes I have been playing. This is 'playing' with freedom - but NOT without thought. So far this experience has given me the opportunity to explore, take a few risks and focus. Perhaps this 'playing' has been missing from my practice for a while, due to tight deadlines and lack of time.

Derby Cathedral


Anonymous said...

whos the guy at the bottom of the pic

Natalie said...


Bear said...

Remember the thunderous anthem of the telly programme Play Away? - play, play away play awayaway way play away away way play away. Work will be better for it. And Derby shall be a great centre of Art and joy.

Natalie said...

Doesn't really matter if it's raining or it's fine,
just as long as you've got time'
to P L A Y,
to play away way away play away away play away!

bear said...

Hey, dance! Do good art. Get rid of your rotring pen and get a playpen!!!!!!!!!!!!!