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Sunday, September 16, 2007

What does it mean to be a stranger?

A person who does not know or is not known in a particular place or company - being unaccustomed to a feeling or experience.


I start with the nucleus of the city - this is immediately on my doorstep and I've got to get my bearings, and I've got to function, and I've got to live. As time passes the nearby streets become familiar, I begin to traipse the same paths over and over. As my footsteps wear the pavement - the route becomes etched in my mind. Gradually my 'mapped' network gets larger.

The unfamiliarity of the place can be resolved with investigation, repetition and habitual tasks. However, this is only one side of being a stranger. The other is not knowing anyone and not being known. I am surrounded by busy shoppers, people at work, people travelling and socialising - going through their day-to-day activities and routines. There isn't much chance of being recognised here - well not yet at least! All these people, my eyes skimming the surface of their faces - watching, observing and not knowing. We can feel this at anytime, in any place - but for a very short time I am an alien. This is a strange feeling - but also very liberating. Perhaps you get more of a sense of place in this situation - more observant and self-reliant perhaps?

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