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Friday, October 5, 2007

And on a lighter note...

I stumbled across this in the popular novel I'm reading at the moment, "A Spot of Bother" by Mark Haddon:

"... and one way of drawing a rubber plant would be to photograph it and project a slide onto a large piece of paper masking-taped to a wall and trace it, which some people might think of as cheating, though Rembrandt used lenses, or so they said in that article in the Sunday Times magazine, or perhaps it was Leonardo da Vinci, and no one accused them of cheating because it was what the picture looked like that mattered ... though now he came to think about it he may have thrown the slide projector out in 1985 along with the plastic bath..."

It's a witty book about family life. This paragraph made me smile. Taking it one step further what about artists' assistants?


Anonymous said...

I work in a paint brush factory but never get a mention

Natalie said...

Dear Anony Mouse,

Thank you for your comment. However, I think you have missed my point. Although I am very grateful to all the manufacturers of art materials and paint brushes, assistants, printers, picture framers, photocopiers, slide projectors, photographs et al. They are all tools and services for the artist.

How do you think Jeff Koons gets on?

PS Publish your name and I will give you a mention!