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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A nice cuppa tea

Stick the kettle on and everything will be all right!

So, comfy? Good! I've been drinking lots of tea as usual, and managing to fit in some painting in between. No seriously... I've been working hard. I have already done what I said I wouldn't do and that was work all weekend (just gone) and evenings. However, I'm on one of my obsessional loops, so this is the reason. I am making a piece of work that involves a certain amount of repetitive donkey work at the moment. This just needs to be done and dusted, then the final part should be more rewarding. But I have to move fast on this one! Firstly, I have a great big bee in my bonnet and it must be made and completed at all costs! Secondly, it is one of those pieces that needs to be made quickly, as I fear that if it drags on I won't be able to keep up with the many other paintings I just NEED to make.

Whilst doing this donkey work my mind does wander a bit. Today I was thinking about 'contemporary art' (well actually contemporary anything) I was wondering what defines it or how other people perceive it. Do we all have a common knowledge and understanding of what this means? Firstly 'contemporary' means living or occurring at the same time. Secondly, it means approximately equal in age and thirdly it means following modern ideas or fashion in style or design.

So are all professional artists working today (ie alive and kicking) contemporary artists? Or does a contemporary artist make work of a certain 'type' which could be perceived as fashionable or cutting edge? Although we all know how fickle fashion is! We know who our contemporaries are - but I wonder if this is the same thing as a contemporary artist? You see my mind does wander!

Recently I was asked to go and see the MA Fine Art show at De Montfort University on behalf of Axis (artists' database) to select two graduates for the website. I was asked to write a short text about the artists' work I had chosen. The first one is now live on the website: Astrid Robinson.

Here's a little sketchbook sneaky:


Anonymous said...

Contemporary Art is art that is contemporaenous with, and should reflect the present Post Modern epoch, I think that saying "it is art made today"
is an over-simplification.I know the dictionary says that 'contemporary' means up to date, but the same dictionary will say the same about 'Modern', but in art, Modern is not up to date.

Natalie said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes I agree that it needs to be 'of its time' - but to reflect Post Modernism - I'm not so sure?

Anonymous said...

How can it not reflect Postmodernism when it was produced in a culturally Postmodern environment? Unless of course a deliberate attempt was made to reproduce art of a bygone age (forgery). If I were to paint a "Turneresqe" landscape today would it be Contemporary Art? I think not!

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely, the definition of "art today by living artists" is a simplistic definition designed primarily for simpletons.

Anonymous said...

The very fact that the tag "Contempory Artist" exists at all differentiates a certain kind of artist from others that are not. If you paint like Constable, you're not a contemporary artist, even though you did it today and are still alive. I don't know of any dead practising artists. Practising artists have always been alive!

Natalie said...

What about practicing artsits? Or do you mean they are practising over and over to make perfect? Hello Bod I know this 'anonymous' is you! Hee hee - I know that tone of voice.

Anonymous said...

Aspex gallery say that 'Contemporary' means "art produced today by living artists"


Natalie said...

Anyway - aren't we post post post modern now?