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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The talk of the town

The big news this week in Derby is the opening of the new Westfield shopping centre. I've heard many mixed opinions about this new build - some for, some against. No doubt it has changed the landscape of the city centre, but obviously I have no idea how it looked before. Since I have arrived here there have been many workmen in fluorescent vests milling around. This intensified last week with yellow vests everywhere: shop fitters, store designers, builders et al.

I haven't visited the centre yet. However, I do wonder what will happen to the main high street - as quite a few of the larger chains have just moved into the shopping centre. Let's see what happens to those now empty shops and see if it offers opportunities for others etc. One thing for sure is that there is now plenty opportunity for shopping here.


bear said...

Who's Tess Daly then? Is there a Thorntons at the new shopping centre?

Anonymous said...

Tess Daly is the host with Bruce Forsyth on strictly come dancing and don't know whether there is a thorntons!