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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lost and rattling around somewhere in my head!


Today I've been lost in research and thoughts (yes hard to believe I know). This is a good place to be in so far as creativity is concerned but simultaneously it's a frustrating place. The race to grab hold of something before it fades away. As I am documenting my jouney here I thought I would try and capture how I feel when this happens. The day has whizzed by whilst I've been drawing. So I stop to have a cup of tea and take a look out of the window to see the sun setting. I haven't even been out of the flat today, although I am desperate for some coffee. But I feel that I can't stop as it takes a lot of effort for me to even get to this place - and once I'm here it is annoying but worth it. I somehow feel disconnected to the world around me. I don't mean this to sound poetic or flag this up as somehow being 'special' because I don't believe it is. It is just that I have to work hard at this stuff. Once I have researched and discovered what I am doing next (conceptually and aesthetically etc) and have begun to overcome that battle - I then have the task of creating the paintings etc. This can be as equally frustrating. However, the best part is a space in between these two processes when I am so excited with what I am about to do. This is very good.

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