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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did the earth move for you?

Did anyone feel the earthquake? Well I did, and didn't know what the hell it was. I awoke feeling really frightened and my heart racing. I had heard a loud noise and had been aware of the sensation of my bed shaking. By the time I was fully awake it was all over - so put it down to a vivid dream. Before going to sleep I had been reading a book set in war time London in the blitz, so just assumed that this is what I was dreaming about, until I heard the news on the radio this morning, when of course the penny dropped. I'm glad I didn't know what it was at the time and went back to a lovely sleep.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

QUAD progress

IS ANYONE OUT THERE ... brave enough to go on these rides with me before they're gone?

Has Christo visited Derby Guildhall recently?

Spring flowers (?)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What do you consider art?

A friend sent me this via Facebook:

Monday, February 18, 2008

For the love of art

Is this a sweet little joke or a little sweet joke?

The Crompton... Derby... NEW YORK!

Derby's Kate Smith is showing her work at the Drawing Center in New York. The exhibition opens this week and continues until 27th March. In my opinion her work is stunning. I first met her at the open studios at Banks' Mill before Christmas where she had a temporary studio for a few months. If you can't make it to New York and have never seen her work (or indeed want to see it again), you will be able to see some smaller works at the Crompton in March (see blog entry below for details).
Image copyright Kate Smith 2008

Exhibition opportunities at The Crompton

The Crompton Tavern is a city centre pub with wall space, cases suitable for small 3-D/ installation works, a juke box, flat screen TV and a large garden. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Crompton, send a short CV and artist statement along with a couple of images to The Crompton Tavern, 46 Crompton Street, Derby DE1 1NY marking the envelope 'Exhibition'. Please include a SAE. if you want the images returned.

They are particularly interested in proposals which are experimental in nature and which increase accessibility to a wide range of disciplines. Proposals for solo and group shows considered.

Exhibition programme Feb - April 2008

works by Beth Heaney
8th Feb - 1st March 2008

remake, reveal
Small drawings and recent work by Kate Smith to coincide with large drawing being shown at The Drawing Centre in New York during March
2nd - 28th March 2008
Opening night: 2nd March 7 - 9pm

Richard Tailby
29th March - 28th April 2008
Opening night 29th March 6 - 8pm

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The days are gradually getting longer

Today has been beautiful - cold but with an immaculate blue sky. I've spent time preparing canvases this weekend as well as spending some time in the company of 'a good bunch' in Wirksworth.

I've also made a decision, I'm definitely going to Berlin next month.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Shed

My parcels arrived today.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Domestic bliss?

Today I couldn't find any beauty or comfort from this place. So I turned to my domestic space and searched a little harder. This must be on account of feeling under the weather on this grey day.

On a brighter note I'm expecting another parcel tomorrow.

Market Hall

Click image to enlarge.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

QUAD today

A little glimpse at the second floor

A selection of some of the work produced during the painting workshop. More to follow as I get permission from the students. Clockwise from top left, artwork by: Jess Halcomb, Kim Sharratt, Phil Turner and Katie Hollender.

Danielle Gee, Jess Halcomb and Kim Sharratt admiring Phil Turner's work:

Danielle and her friends:

Jess, Jess and Jess:

Kim posing with paintbrush:

Where it all happens:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two-day painting workshop

The last two days I've been involved in delivering a two-day painting workshop for a group of first year students. I am now exhausted and have a sore throat due to the amount of talking involved. Contrary to popular belief I found this amount of talking demanding. Perhaps this was because I had to engage the brain before opening the mouth - a change from my usual idle chatter. Joking aside, the students engaged and worked hard, and hopefully they all got something from it in their individual way. I'm just pleased that I over heard a few saying, "well when I come in tomorrow I'm going to....." and "what I'm going to do next is....".

I'll try and get permission to take some photographs tomorrow.

Friday, February 8, 2008

One, two, three, two

Half way

This week I have just passed the half way mark. I've been here five months already. This week holds the record for the most amount of meetings: printers, photographer, University staff in readiness for the two-day painting workshop next week with first years. I've done my preparation for this. This week I have ordered new materials (just waiting for the canvas and stretcher bars now), I've been drawing, researching and I made my first animation. Lets use the description 'animation' very loosely here. It's very basic as I'm not very hi-tech. But why complicate things when simplicity does the job?

One thing left to do is make a decision about going to Berlin with the University. Do I forsake the time in my studio to go and have a great cultural experience? Let's face it, it's bound to be inspirational.

Was ist im Kasten?

Yum! What a surprise!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No no no no no ...

I've just been out for a walk to get some fresh air and to get a few bits. I have just seen Easter eggs in the shops. Further still - most of them weren't even egg shaped! The worst offender was a Dr Who Tardis, Tardis shaped and made of chocolate. Ah yes silly me expecting egg shaped.

Rant over and out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Alternative grapefruit No 1

A friend of mine has just kindly sent me this digitaly remastered grapefruit.

Spot the difference.

I'm excited!

Today I had my first meeting at the printers. I am excited about the prospect of having my first catalogue printed. I was starting to feeling this would never happen. Someone told me once that if you ever have a chance to have a catalogue printed then you should grab the opportunity as it has a much longer shelf life than any exhibition. The Vickers Award is very kind to me and to quote Bjork, 'I am a grateful grapefruit!'.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mark Making


The work copyright 2008 Johanna Domke-Guyot

I went to an exhibition opening last night at Derby Museum and Art Gallery and Pickford's House Museum. It was a show by a group of artists called Morph Dynamic Creatives. The show was mixed but one of the exhibitors was a third year student from Derby University, Johanna Domke-Guyot. I find her work very intriguing and feel that it has a real strength. But what I feel should really be congratulated is the fact that a student is being proactive and exhibiting their work. This I admire greatly.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How things can change

3pm today some snow:


Gallery Fifty Three with Jeannie Driver's 'paper spike' in the window:

On my travels this week I broke my journey to do some stuff in London. Spent most of the day in the pouring rain checking out potential exhibition spaces in the East End. A very worthwhile task nonetheless. As well as a little bit of retail went to an opening at a new gallery in Knightsbridge (Gallery 53) where four colleagues from Art Space Portsmouth were in a group show 'Works on Paper' (Jeannie Driver, Seran Kubisa, Sally Taylor and Mike Blackman). It was good to catch up with some familiar faces and some old friends. I must say the gallery is very smart indeed. Quite a different feel to the East End spaces of earlier in the day - but isn't that what's exciting about this city?

Brick Lane:

I want it - it has Bambi in the middle:

No Snow

On my return to Derby I was expecting snow. Believe me this is still quite an exciting event for someone from Portsmouth (well actually that's probably just me!). But instead lovely winter sunshine. This complements my optimistic mood perfectly (especially as I spent most of yesterday as a drowned rat). I am feeling optimistic because it is February - hooray! I have a bit of a problem with January, me and January are just not compatible with the exception of the 1st.