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Monday, July 14, 2008

Five questions for ...

Five questions for... by Wayne Burrows (Metro 27.06.08) - Click here.

Your paintings often resemble photographs. What attracts you to these images?
I walk around shooting digital film and then select frames to paint at the studio, so the style is part of the process. I'm fascinated by the points where photography and painting blur into one another visually. One piece, Constellation, is a grid of anonymous faces I've glimpsed in crowds.

Doesn't the new work result from an award you received?
Yes, the Vickers Fine Art Award is given every two years, and offers a ten-month studio residency at the University of Derby to the winner. This show brings together the paintings I've made on the theme A Sense Of Place during my time here.

Did you choose the theme yourself?
The award specified it, but I only entered after I'd already spent time in Riga, Latvia, making paintings based on my awareness of being an outsider. I've used a similar methodology in Derby, looking at the city through a newcomer's eyes.

How do the animations fit in with the paintings?
They're based on digital film, so come from a similar process. The idea was that the people I've drawn are in Derby, but could also be anywhere in the world. I wanted to raise the question of what creates a local identity.

Did you come to any conclusions?
What you see in the pictures is sometimes unmistakeably a local landscape, but often it's harder to tell where they are, and I like that ambiguity.

I thought this was quite amusing! Did I really say all this?

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