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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Wirksworth Festival 2008

Well this blog has now gone full circle - see the archive entry here (scroll down to 12th September 2007) featuring the Wirksworth Festival. The Caravan Gallery returned again this year and I was invited to exhibit in the Parish Rooms alongside artists Maggie Cullen and Michael Shaw. The weekend art and architecture trail was fantastic - with many people visiting despite the terrible weather conditions. The exhibition in the Parish Rooms continues until Sunday 21st September.

The Caravan Gallery returns to a great reception:

The exhibition at the Parish Rooms with Maggie Cullen's delicate and intimate sculptures and Mike Shaw's stunning inflatables alongside my paintings and drawings:

A rare break in the weather - I think this was the only convincing dry spell:


Gil Garcia Velez said...

HI Natalie,

Just browsing around and led to your blogsite and saw some interesting images here.

Am also in the creative field... more into advertising as I teach third advertising arts students in Manila.

Cheers from Manila,

Natalie said...

Dear Gil,

Thank you for your comments. It's always interesting to know that the www is truly global. Fascinating to think that people can stumble across my blogsite. Do you have a blog?